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A note about the word HONOR
We have been getting a lot of requests for the word honor. However there are different meanings to this word, so there are different translations in Chinese based on which meaning you are referring to.

The meanings of honor can be:
1. high public esteem; a good reputation ; a good name; glory, e.g. He has earned his honor.
2. source of credit or distinction: to be an honor to one's family, e.g. to be an honor to one's family.
3. esteemed privilege of being associated with or receiving a favor from a respected person, group, e.g. I have the honor of representing my country
4. acting with honesty, fairness, or integrity with a keen sense of ethical conduct which is open to the closest scrutiny, e.g.he acts with honor
5. integrity , righteousnous, honesty and fairness in one's beliefs and actions, e.g. he is a man of honor
6. trustworthiness in keeping one's word. Refers to someone with honesty and righteousness in actions, that others can trust to honor his word and have faith in his actions e.g. I always honor my word
7. dignity,respect,and integrity ,e.g.he would rather die with honor than be humiliated

Some of the above meanings cannot be translated into a single Chinese character. The single character that is supplied on our stock list is for the meanings 1. & 2. & 3.
If you want the other meanings which cannot be shortened to a single character , e.g. meaning 4.(which is best translated into 4 characters), or meaning 5.(which is best translated into 2 characters), you will have to order through our custom translation page, and please specify which meaning you want on your order form.
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