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Custom Chinese Translation and Design

Click to see Large Sample Size

Small Sample Size - classic style

small 300 ppi JPG file
(print size approx. 1 inch x1 inch per character).

  • We will provide you with both large GIF and small JPG files at 72 ppi and 300 ppi respectively for your convenience (see samples).If you require special larger sizes, please specify when ordering. We will try to accommodate your request. If not, we will refund your order.
  • after you have received the file from us, you are can use them for tattooing

Find out about our name translation and design service

Find out about our word/phrase translation and design service

  • About your calligrapher: The webmaster, Tai , is a skilled calligrapher with university education in both Asia and North America She is a native speaker of Chinese, fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin dialects. She also tutored under the late Master Lai who was a renowned artist trained by the grand master of Chinese painting, the late Lam Fung Min (Lin Feng Mian). Her calligraphy and artwork combines both traditional techniques and creative flair.

  • Custom Calligraphy Design: You can choose from 10 designs for your translation.
    Style 1 (Classic) is a traditional brush stroke style prevalent in use from the ancient times to nowadays.
    Style 2 (Cursive) is an elegant cursive style highlighting the intricacies of Chinese brush calligraphy.
    Style 3(Fluid) is a brush style written fluidly, also known as the "running" style.
    Style 4 (Grass) is a unique flowing style which is like "walking on grass", handwritten by the webmaster. You will not find this one-of-a-kind calligraphy anywhere else.
    Style 5 (Old) is the clerical style originating from the Tsun dynasty (230 BC).
    Style 6 (Emboss) is a design by the webmaster combining the techniques of traditional calligraphy and modern computer design.
    Style 7 (Slim) is known as Shou Jin Shu (Slim Gold Style), the signature calligraphy of Emperor Sung.
    Style 8 (Pictorial) stems from original Chinese oracle scripts with a pictorial inference.
    Style 9 (Engrave) represents the Ngai Bei stone engraving style .
    Style 10 (Brush) is intricately done by hand with the Chinese brush. This custom design by the webmaster is one-of-a-kind.

Which is your favorite calligraphy style?
Style 1:
Classic style

Style 2:
Cursive style

Style 3:
Fluid style

Style 4:
Grass style

Style 5:
Old style

Style 6:
Emboss style

Style 7:
Slim style

Style 8:
Pictorial style

Style 9:
Engrave style

Style 10:
Brush style

Most popular calligraphy style ordered as of : Style 1 - Classic

$17 US (GIF delivered via email)