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For GIF imgae file- delivered via email

How to Order
  • choose calligraphy style
  • choose alignment
  • choose saying from our list
  • fill in email address for the files to be sent to
  • click "Order Saying" and check out

Calligraphy Style
Type in saying # from the list
email address for file to be sent

*** A note to Hotmail and MSN users: Free Hotmail and MSN accounts cannot receive large file attachments. Please provide an alternative email address for delivery, or other free email accounts such as Excite or Yahoo which allow larger files to be attached.

Click button to pay another $3 and receive a tattoo stencil outline for the translation (See example)
( Do not choose this option if you do not need the stencil outlines)

Click button to pay another $5 and receive a wav file for the Chinese pronunciation (Listen to example) in both the Cantonese and Mandarin dialects
( Do not choose this option if you do not need the pronunciation)


The image files will be emailed to you within 72 hours of confirmed payment.


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