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Chinese Tattoo Appraisal
Ever have doubts about the "Chinese" tattoo on your body ? Are they Chinese words at all? Are the characters what you had meant them to be? Are they simplified or traditional characters? What actually do they mean? Has your tattoo artist done a good job in adhering to the Chinese strokes? Is your tattoo esthetically pleasing to a Chinese?

For just $6.50, you can email us a photo of your tattoo, and we will let you know if your tattoo contains any Chinese characters at all, what characters they are, what they mean , and if they are esthetically pleasing from a Chinese person's viewpoint.


Good classic style

Good expressive grass style

Bad engrave style

Bad regular style

$6.50- delivered via email

How to Order
  • fill in your name and email address
  • click "Add to Cart" and check out
  • email us separately at a photo of your Chinese tattoo and quote your Paypal Transaction Order Number

The translation will be emailed to you within 72 hours of confirmed payment.

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